Elizabeth Baring, MS, ATR-BC, LCAT, LP
  • BaringElizabethPsychoanalyst specializing in sandplay, creative arts therapy, and focusing-oriented psychotherapy
  • Modalities: Children and adults
  • Brooklyn Waldorf School Educational Support Team member
  • Private practice, New York City
  • Spanish speaking
  •  www.lizbaring.com
  • 646-842-1046, lizbaring@gmail.com
Bernice Belth, LCSW


  • Licensed clinical social worker
  • Certified psychoanalyst, graduate of TRISP
  • Supervisor
  • Private practice, New York City
  • Modalities: Adult individuals and couples
  • 212-222-4423, bernicebelth@gmail.com
Doris Brothers, PhD


  • Secretary of the International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IAPSP)—on council, executive and advisory boards
  • Chief editor of eForum, the IAPSP online newsletter
  • Co-editor, International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology
  • Author: Toward a Psychology of Uncertainty: Trauma-Centered Psychoanalysis (2008), Falling Backwards: An Exploration of Trust and Self-Experience (1995), and, with Richard Ulman, The Shattered Self: A Psychoanalytic Study of Trauma (1988).
  • Private practice on Upper West Side of Manhattan
  • www.dorisbrothersphd.com
  • 212-864-6333, dorisbrothers@mac.com
Laura D'Angelo
George Hagman, LCSW

George Hagman Photo

  • Psychoanalyst in private and public practice, New York and Connecticut
  • Faculty, National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis and Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
  • Author:  Aesthetic Experience: Beauty, Creativity and the Search for the Ideal (2005), The Artist’s Mind: Creativity, Modern Art and Modern Artists (2010), and Creative Analysis: How Art Can Inform Clinical Practice (2014), co-editor of Psychoanalytic Inquiry:  Creativity, Art and Psychoanalysis: Current Perspectives (2006).
  • 203-253-3303, gahagman@optonline.net
Kathy LaFemina
Louisa Livingston, PhD, LP
  •  LouisaLivingstonPh.D  Clinical Psychology and Human Development
  • Private practice New York City
  • Modalities: Adult individuals and couples.
  • Publications on responsiveness, shame, anxiety, dreams, and the forward edge from a self-psychological – intersubjective perspective
  • Supervisor, TRISP
  • http://louisalivingstonphd.com/
  • 212-685-7653, l-livingston@nyc.rr.com
Michael McGarry, LP, LCSW-R
  • Michael_3bSelf psychologist with an intersubjective and relational focus
  • Private practice in Greenwich Village
  • Adult treatment
  • Group therapist
  • Faculty, Postgraduate Institute (2011-2013)
  • Consultant to New York Foundling Hospital (2006-2012)
  • 212-655-4476, mcgarry.mp@gmail.com
Harry Paul, PhD
  • Co-founder of TRISP.
  • Licensed clinical psychologist
  • Faculty and supervisor, TRISP
  • Co-author with Richard Ulman: The Self Psychology of Addiction and its Treatment: Narcissus in Wonderland (2006)
  • Private practice in New York City and Chappaqua, New York
Gordon Powell
  • Licensed clinical social worker
  • Psychoanalyst, graduate of TRISP
  • Supervisor, TRISP and Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy
  • Faculty, TRISP, ICP, and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center
  • www.gordonspowell.com
  • 212-929-3715, gordonspowell@gmail.com
Aviva Rohde, PhD, LP
  • AvivaRohdeSmallLicensed clinical psychologist
  • Licensed psychoanalyst
  • Private Practice, New York City
  • Supervisor, TRISP
  • www.avivarohdephd.com
  • 212-799-5119, avivarohdephd@gmail.com
Karen Roser, PsyD
  • photo (35)Psychologist, trained in children adolescents and family
  • Psychoanalyst, graduate of TRISP
  • Supervisor
  • Private practice in Manhattan
  • Work with children, adolescents, adults, and couples
  • 212-496-9271, karenroser@gmail.com
Charles Strozier, PhD
  • Charles-StrozierProfessor of History and the founding Director of the Center on Terrorism, John Jay College, City University of New York;
  • Author: Young Man Lincoln: Joshua Speed and the Crucible of Greatness (Columbia University Press, on contract); Until The Fires Stopped Burning: 9/11 and New York City in the Words and Experiences of Survivors and Witnesses (Columbia University Press, 2011)); The Fundamentalist Mindset: Psychological Perspectives on Religion, Violence, and History, contributor and senior editor (Oxford University Press, 2010);  Heinz Kohut:  The Making of a Psychoanalyst (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2001), which won the Gradiva Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, the Goethe Prize from the Canadian Psychoanalytic Association, and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Translated into Italian, Japanese, and Hebrew (in process); Apocalypse:  On the Psychology of Fundamentalism in America (Beacon Press, 1994, new edition 2002).
  • Training and Supervising Analyst with practice in New York City
  • www.charlesbstrozier.com
  • 212-677-4983, chuck@charlesbstrozier.com
Koichi Togashi, PhD
  • Licenses: Psychoanalyst (NY); Certified Clinical Psychologist (Japan)
  • Professor, Konan University, Kobe, Japan;  Faculty, Founding Member, Japanese Forum for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (JFPSP)
  • Council Member, International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IAPSP); Editor, International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IJPSP), Editorial Board Member, Japanese Psycho-Analytical Association
  • Co-Author with Kottler, Kohut’s Twinship Across Cultures: The Psychology of Being Human (Routledge, forthcoming); with Yutaka Kakuta, etc., Post-Kohutian Psychoanalytic System Theories [in Japanese] (Seishin, 2013); with Ken Okano, etc., Introductory Lectures to Relational Psychoanalysis [in Japanese] (Iwaksaki, 2011);  and Author, Disillusionment with Archaic Narcissistic Fantasy [in Japanese] (Kazami, 2011).   Co-Translator in Japanese with Hage and Togashi, Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst [by Storozier] (Kongo, 2011); with Tsujikawa, etc., Infant Research and Adult Treatment [by Beebe and Lachmann] (Seishin, 2008)
  • Psychoanalyst in private practice, Kobe and Hiroshima, Japan
  • +81-82-262-1251, kotogashi@sakaebashi.com
Shake’ Topalian, MA, RN, BC
  • Shake-TopalianPsychoanalyst and Clinical Supervisor in Private Practice
  • Analytic Supervisor and Faculty, Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy
  • Analytic Supervisor and Faculty, Psychoanalytic Psychotherpy Study Center
  • Faculty, Training and Research Institute in  Intersubjective Self Psychology
  • Publications: Daughters and Grandaughters of Survivors: From Genocide Horror to Finding Our Own Voices and Ghosts to Ancestors: Bearing Witness to “My” Experience of Genocide
  • 212-989-1846
Richard Ulman, PhD
  • rbu with maisie croppedGraduate of National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis
  • Registered psychoanalyst
  • Psychoanalytic instructor specializing in courses on fantasy and psychoanalytic research, training and supervising analyst
  • Co-author with Doris Brothers, The Shattered Self: A Psychoanalytic Study of Trauma (1988) and with Harry Paul, The Self Psychology of Addictions and its Treatment: Narcissus in Wonderland (2006)
  • Formerly associate research professor, Department of Psychiatry, New York Medical College
  • Private practice, New York City
  • www.rulmanphd.com
  • 212-534-0026, richard@rulmanphd.com
Peter Zimmermann, PhD, LP
  • PeterZimmermanLicensed psychoanalyst
  • Private Practice, New York City
  • Founding Member TRISP
  • Senior Faculty, Supervisor and Training Analyst, TRISP
  • President, Senior Faculty, Supervisor and Training Analyst, Training Institute of NPAP, National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis.
  • www.drpeterzimmermann.com
  • 212-787-3826, drpzimm51@gmail.com